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Use the above link to find the projected conditions during your visit. While Cedar Key IS Florida, we are not "The Keys", and our weather is a bit cooler than south Florida and a bit warmer than the Panhandle and northern areas of Florida. As a plus, we are also cooler in the summer than most inland and other coastal regions of Florida.

Great weather makes walking, bicycling, birdwatching, kayaking and fishing full time activities in Cedar Key.
Inclement weather gives you time to read a good book, cook a great FRESH seafood meal, relax on the porch, spend time with your loved ones or give you time to tour our museums.

Winter temperatures average 70 during the day and 43 at night. Summers are normally 92 and 71. Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, we are subject to wind and tides, making the temperatures seem even more or less extreme. July and August are the wettest months. Most rain comes as afternoon squalls; there is little chance of an entire day of being "rained in". October and November are the driest months, be prepared for full sun.

Don't always believe the weather reports! As we are an island, the weather that is occurring just three miles inland can be totally different than on Cedar Key.